Worldwide Monitoring & Control

The smart software platform C.A.R.S monitors, manages and serves an innumerable amount of installations, buildings and objects independently and from any location.

Find out what you can save using C.A.R.S

Remote Monitoring & Control

The C.A.R.S smart software platform is able to monitor, manage and operate countless installations, buildings and objects, independently and from any location. All this can be done with utmost mobility by using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. This is what we refer to as "The World at Your Fingertips".

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Your savings thanks to C.A.R.S

Remote control of installations, buildings and other objects will save you unnecessary travel time and travel costs. At any location, anywhere in the world, you can see if your installation is out of order. The potential problem is immediately shown. If necessary, you can also remedy this problem immediately with one click on the button.
C.A.R.S also manages energy consumption in buildings. Precision measurements show where you could save energy. Preventive actions can be taken based on this insight. To prevent energy waste, objects will only go on and off when necessary.
Global insight and influence ensures more sustainable installations and objects. You will get control over energy consumption, control over maintenance and higher process knowledge. With this insight you can make savings and automate processes. This provides you with direct returns for you and your environment.
Maintenance management gives a complete insight into the maintenance status. You know exactly what you have, where the parts are and when something needs to be replaced. With accurate information you can anticipate and keep a grip on maintenance costs. These reliable key figures are important for making strategic choices, such as planning and budgeting for the short and long term.
From data to decision and action. The information and operating system collects a wide variety of data. Thanks to the analysis of this data, C.A.R.S provides insight into the functioning of your installations, objects or buildings. C.A.R.S analyzes the data from these systems and converts it into valuable information. Patterns are easy to recognize and you can directly influence. With this, C.A.R.S offers great opportunities for optimizing industrial applications, water management, public spaces and government tasks.

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The World at Your Fingertips

C.A.R.S is the solution for Industry 4.0

  • manages and operates a wide and varied range of installations and processes round the clock;
  • is a Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud application (SMAC);
  • guarantees maximum operational safety – Real-Time Control (RTC);
  • consists of clear, user-friendly process visualisation;
  • includes the most extensive Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) possibilities;
  • creates valuable information from data – Data Analysis;
  • predicts maintenance – Maintenance management system;
  • is not tied to any particular supplier or manufacturer.

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